This study line is aimed at people who are interested in physical phenomena, mathematical connections and philosophical positions, and who wonder how nature and the world in general function.The day-to-day teaching is based on assignments and projects that train our students’ logical and abstract thinking, and they are faced with real-world problems that must be approached creatively in order to find a useful solution. Theories of science and natural scientific methods are not merely topics for debate but are tested and applied in experiments.


Profile subjects


  • Physics A
  • Mathematics A


Study trip


The study trip is an integral part of this line of study. Previous study trips have included visiting the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, The Dept. of Physics at Oxford University, Sharp Laboratories, and The Science Museum in London (England) and the LHC particle accelerator at CERN and the United Nations Office (Geneva, Switzerland). In 2015, the students visited Bodø in northern Norway. In the subjects of Technology and Physics the students constructed their own measuring equipment for environmental surveys of the ocean, which gathered data that was processed in Mathematics. Field trips to the Department of Physics at Aarhus University, the Department of Mathematics at Aalborg UniversityThe Utzon CentreAros and the Steno Museum.


Study trip to Geneva and CERN


The destination of the study trip at the World of Physics is Geneva, Switzerland, where the students experience the historical and cultural attractions of the city, but research and science are also parts of the program.


The trip includes a guided tour of CERN and of the United Nations Office, but also allows for relaxation by Lake Geneva, experiencing the Geneva Old Town, Swiss chocolate and much more.