This line of study is aimed at students who are dedicated, curious and independent. Science and Innovation focuses on technical and scientific knowledge and the tools to apply that knowledge in the creation of innovative solutions to real problems, big and small alike. The study line is characterized by its unique blend of:

  • Mathematics, the prerequisite for understanding and describing science and economy.
  • Innovation, teaching the students to work from idea to a product.
  • English, the route to cultural understanding and global communication.

Science and Innovation makes the students ready for further studies, starting a company and participating in networks across cultures and national borders. Therefore, it also includes studying at a school in the USA for 4 weeks during the second year, where, apart from studying, our students will visit companies and stay with an American family.

Profile subjects

  • Mathematics A
  • Technology A

Study trip

USAThe study line includes attending a school in the USA. This is combined with a ”traditional” study trip, which contains visiting relevant companies, museums and attractions. In 2015, the students visited California, or more specifically, the San Francisco area. The trip started with three days in San Francisco where they visited e.g. Zendesk, Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz after which they attended a city college in Saratoga receiving teaching in the subjects of English, Math and Innovation and visiting several companies including Facebook and Microsoft.

Scandinavia’s technology and industry expo in Herning

All students at this study line attend Scandinavia’s technology and industry expo in Herning in order to establish contacts and to gain firsthand knowledge of current industry affairs, the latest and possibly also future trends.

Center for Welfare Technology

In connection with a social studies course focusing on the challenges facing the welfare state, the students have visited the Center for Welfare Technology in order to learn about the services, opportunities and limitations of the sector.