Robotics – the design, construction, operation and use of robots – is constantly evolving and has undoubtedly become an essential part of our world. Furthermore, that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will change our daily lives, making it inevitable that some forms of jobs become redundant while also creating the need for new types of jobs.

This is the study programme for those who not only love to geek out over programming and the robots of tomorrow, but also know how to shine in courses such as Mathematics, Physics and Programming.

Here, our students dwell in a domain where expertise, independence, passion and innovation are of high value. The courses and interdisciplinary projects of this study programme will allow our students to work with technology while also expanding their understanding of what makes a robot tick. Furthermore, it is also an important aspect of this study programme to consider the ethical side of how robots are being utilized.

Our students will throughout their time here get involved in projects centred around robotics inside as well as outside of the school itself. These projects help our students understand that robotics is not as super complicated as they may otherwise think. Also, in one of the first interdisciplinary projects (Programming, Technology and Physics) our students work together in groups in order to solve real-life problems by using a mobile robot that must be programmed to fit the task of the assignment the individual group chooses.

This study programme is available at Øster Uttrup Vej.

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Profile subjects

  • Psysics A
  • Programming B
  • Mathematics A