An international program featuring six months of studies in Australia

The international HTX study line is for students who dream of studying in a foreign country and who may want an international career either abroad or in Denmark. The study line offers the chance for an education with a significant focus on the English language, culture, history, international relations, intercultural understanding and international companies among many other things.

International HTX is tightly connected to the GAMETECH and Film og media lines but with a special emphasis on the international dimension, which is reflected particularly in subjects such as Communication/IT, English, Technology and Social Studies. In this context, it also presents the opportunity for a shorter study trip to an English speaking country during the third year.

The study line is aimed at people who are interested in communicating stories across a variety of media platforms. The humanistic subjects, i.e. English, Communication/IT and Danish, form the foundation for this study line, but the natural sciences (e.g. mathematics, physics and chemistry) are also significant.

Intensive English teaching during almost all waking hours seems heavy for most students, but it is more easily absorbed when combined with endless white beaches and warm sunshine from a clear sky. These are the everyday surroundings of the students whose third semester takes place on the other side of the globe in cooperation with ”TAFE” (Technical And Further Education) in Kingscliff some 90km south of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia.

Profile subjects

  • Communication/IT A
  • Social Studies B

Study trip – the 3rd semester in Australia

The third semester takes place in scenic surroundings at a school on the Australian east coast. During this semester, the students are taught the same compulsory subjects as in Denmark, and additionally they receive teaching in the subject of Marine Studies C, in which the Australian college specializes. Danish is taught remotely from Denmark. Accommodation in Australia is provided through a so-called homestay scheme, meaning that the students live with Australian families.

Field trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


Students experiencing "Surf Rescue Course, Marine Studies" at the surf club, Kingscliff Beach, Australia