This study line is aimed at innovative people who are considering a career as e.g. architects, designers, engineers or constructors.


Industrial Design students are part of a creative community in which teaching is turned upside down and the real world is an integrated part of the everyday teaching. We find solutions to a variety of problems in cooperation with local companies, are project oriented, and every year we go on joint study trips with all three classes.


A creative learning environment necessitates capable students, dedicated teachers, independence, commitment, cooperation and motivation. At Industrial Design, students and teachers achieve this together.


Profile subjects


  • Technology A
  • Design B


Study trip


All of our students go on three study trips while at the Industrial Design line. Sample destinations include a tour of the VW factory in Poznan or a study of architecture in Spain. For example, in Barcelona, our 2nd year students studied math in architecture, we visited the Camp Nou, La Sagrada Familia and other of Gaudi’s buildings.