This is the study programme for those who want to be architects, designers, engineers or architectural technologists. This is a study programme that goes beyond the blackboard, the classroom and even homework.

Those who choose this study programme become part of a creative team. We turn the classroom on its head because it is par for the course that our very surroundings beyond such room are part of the course. In collaboration with local businesses, we try to provide the right answers to the right dilemmas while being project-oriented and offer our students amazing study tours across all Years.

A creative learning environment with challenging assignments, passioned teachers, individuality, commitment, teamwork and motivation – together these elements form the “deep foundation” for Industrial Design.
This study programme is available at Øster Uttrup Vej.
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Profile subjects


  • Technology A
  • Design B


Study trip


All of our students go on three study trips while at the Industrial Design line. Sample destinations include a tour of the VW factory in Poznan or a study of architecture in Spain. For example, in Barcelona, our 2nd year students studied math in architecture, we visited the Camp Nou, La Sagrada Familia and other of Gaudi’s buildings.