This study programme is for those who have an interest in interactive digital media such as videogames – an interest that goes beyond just enjoying them as entertainment. Besides a love for gaming, our students here are also expected to have an interest in videogame development. In order to know how to make a videogame it is required to know what makes a videogame, which is the focus of the course called Programming.

Besides teaching coding, this study programme will also go through other important aspects of a videogame such as gameplay, graphics, sound/music and storytelling.

GAMETECH is also keen to teach students that videogames can be used for other activities besides entertainment. It is a core understanding of this study programme that videogames as a relatively new form of media has the potential to be used as a universal tool for teaching. Examples thereof include educational videogames that could teach subjects like history, apps with gamification and simulations in Virtual Reality.

This study programme is available at Nyhavnsgade.

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Profile subjects

  • Communication/IT A
  • Social studies B