This study line is aimed at people who are interested in chemistry, mathematics, biology and social studies. Students of this line are curious, eager to learn and are driven to understand the world and their surroundings.

Our students work with a variety of topics that all take a point of departure in the nature around us and the chemical substances we use, for example nature’s own building blocks: molecules and cells. The students at this study line are characterized by an interest in plants, animals and the human body, and by a wish to understand them in a mathematical and social perspective.

Topics are approached both theoretically and practically e.g. through experiments. Theory is applied in practice in laboratories and workshops.

The profile subjects form the common thread in the day-to-day teaching. Knowledge from the various subjects is applied in order to gain insight across the various subjects and disciplines.

Profile subjects

  • Chemistry A
  • Mathematics A

Study trip

During their second year, the students go on a study trip abroad. The study trip is a social, cultural and educational activity. The study trip is planned with a point of departure in the profile of this study line, and much of its content is therefore based on the knowledge that the students have gained in class. For example, one class went to Paris in connection with the theme “Hormone substances, scents and perfume”, which included the production of the students’ own perfume. Another class went to Berlin in connection with the theme “Taste for life”, which included making their own chocolate, visiting a chocolate restaurant and a brewery.