This study line is aimed at people who wish to learn about the many possibilities of biotechnology: development of medicine, research and development of biofuels, production of beer, dairy products, the use of GMOs, and treatment of diseases.

The Biotechnology line focuses on topics that are in demand at research institutions and the health industry, but thoughtfulness and ethics are also central issues in relation to problems that can be solved by biotechnology as well as problems that can be created by biotechnology.

Profile subjects

  • Biotechnology A
  • Mathematics A

Study trip

During the second year, Biotechnology students go on a study trip abroad, the content of which is of relevance to the line of study. My class went to Rome where we for example visited a medical museum where it was up to the individual student to choose a medical history topic in which to immerse him- or herself.

We also visited the major attractions in Rome and worked with their cultural and philosophical backgrounds. Among the attractions were The Colosseum, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Forum Romanum and we also witnessed a speech by the Pope.

Thea, 3.y