Profile subjects:

Biotechnology A

Mathematics A


This programme is aimed at students who want to learn about the many possibilities of biotechnology such as the development of medicine, researching the development of biofuels, production of beer and dairy products, the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and treatment of diseases.

Chemistry is an extremely important subject in this study line as it provides an understanding of the construction of DNA, the construction and decomposition of substances as well as how the hormonal system functions.

The Biotechnology programme focuses on topics that are in demand at research institutions and in the health industry.
Using the subject history of ideas, the students also learn about philosophical thoughtfulness and ethics in relation to the problems that biotechnology can solve as well as the problems that it creates.

Subjects and levels

Profile subjects

  • Biotechnology A

  • Mathematics A

Mandatory subjects

  • Technology B

  • History of ideas B

  • Danish A

  • English B

  • Physics B

  • Chemistry B

  • Informatics C

  • Social studies C

  • A technical subject A - 
    The students can choose between:
    - Development and production (Electronics, Machine or Textile)
    - Building and energy (Architecture or Construction)
    - Process, food and health (Biotechnology, Gastroscience or Lifestyle and health)
    - Digital design and development



  • 1 lift and 2 C-level subjects

Suggested electives

  • Two of the subjects: sports C, psychology C or social studies B (lift) (healthcare oriented)

  • An A-level subject and a C-level subject: physics A or chemistry A (lift) + material technology C or programming C or statics and strength learning C (engineering oriented)

  • A lift and a C-level subject: English A or social studies B + philosophy C (socially oriented)


Arne Aagaard Wacker Cand.mag. Samfundsfag, Idéhistorie, Teknologi
Claus Holst Cand.mag. Dansk, Idéhistorie
Jesper de Neergaard Larsen Cand.scient. Kom/it, Matematik, Teknologi
Jesper Nymann Cand.polyt. (Bioteknologi) Kemi, Bioteknologi
Morten Brok Gentsch Cand.polyt. (elektronik & telekommunikation) Teknologi, Teknikfag (udvikling og produktion, elektronik), Matematik, Fysik
Sisse Nygaard Bruun cand. scient. Bioteknologi, Biologi